Zensho: your go-to Jap resto

Beef teppanyaki! beef teppanyaki! beef teppanyaki! If only my tummy can talk, it would be screaming that one.

So for how many days already, we were craving for it! I cannot remember how I found out about Zensho but what convinced me is its price – for less than Php600 you can eat all the Jap food you can! I don’t know what to expect but I’m really looking forward to the unlimited beef teppanyaki.

I shared this discovery to a friend and learned that this is an old place already! haha She told me that they used to eat here during her H.S days. How come I only learned about this resto now?? I need to upgrade my resto radar.

We arrived early for lunch to avoid the crowd. As you can see, the place looks old but happy to see that you have the option for dining Hibachi or Teppanyaki style – can be reserved for groups of 8. They also have private rooms where you seat Japanese style – for larger groups.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can already smell my beef teppanyaki! Food is cooked upon ordering – so your dishes are fresh and hot upon arrival.


Sushi and some crabmeat. You can tell that it’s not that fresh from the picture but it is edible. MJ ate all of these – okay, I ate 1 piece of crabmeat haha!

I do not remember what dish is this – but it looks like vegetables w/ tofu. Anything healthy looking dish is MJ’s order. We also ordered Sukiyaki soup – it tasted ok.

Next up is ebi tempura! We ordered lots and lots of this and I ate most of it! I’m happy that it did not disappoint. This tempura is one of the better tempura I have tried in an eat-all-you-can restaurant. You can order by pieces – like for us, each order contains 10 pieces of shrimp tempura. You can eat each piece at one bite – it is that tiny! I think we ordered this at least thrice ;)

We also tried the fish teppanyaki and grilled lamb. I did not like the fish teppanyaki because it was stir-fried with bell pepper – it just did not settle well in my taste. I’m kind of choosy with dishes mixed with bell pepper – sorry :( Well the lamb, it tasted lamb and dry. We should have order lamb teppanyaki.

And for the star of the day… beef teppanyaki!!! The beef is not that tender but bearable – we requested it to be cooked medium well. The sauce…is yummy! Of course, another order is a must! And another…and so on.

We also ordered california maki. The way it looks is also the way it tasted.

You will notice that presentation wise, it is not commendable. But it does not really bother me because I am perfectly happy with their ebi tempura and beef teppanyaki! I can say that your Php600 is really sulit! I shall declare this my go-to beef teppan and ebi tempura resto! You know when you just feel like eating good Japanese food but not really spending that much :)

Tomas Morato
168 Tomas Morato Ave.
South Triangle, Quezon City
(02) 929-1069


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