Mr. Jones: Classic American Diner

Mr. Jones… Mr. Jones… calling Mr. Jones (everytime haha)

I’ve always wanted to eat here because I find their interiors nice and reminiscent of classic American diners :) First up, wet towels! Look at the plate cuuuute!

The Threesomeconsists of macaroni salad, red cabbage coleslaw w/ shrimp & caper berries and truffled egg salad w/ black caviar. Sounds adventurous, right? And something new. Look—at—the–presentation, nice huh? But, it was not really that awesome. Its description sounded so nice but it tasted so-so. Nevertheless, I had fun eating each one of them – scooping an unsweetened food in sundae glasses is something new!

I ordered Melted “Old Bay” Crab and Dory ThermidorHollandaise and Mornay sauce, Wilted Spinach, Herb Rice Pilaf and Fresh Lemon. This was oh so so gooood!! Everything was in harmony! I don’t’ know why but I am usually drawn to seafood dishes that have heavy and creamy sauce. At first I was hesitant to order this because of the herb rice pilaf but it turned out really good. And it somehow neutralizes the heaviness of the sauces along with a dash of lemon. I did not remember tasting the crab though, it was somehow lost in the sea of hollandaise and mornay but it doesn’t matter.

Mj’s order was Even Better Yankee Pot RoastUS rib fingers, slow roasted in red wine with French beans, carrots, shallots and potato puree. He is a land person – a.k.a carnivore haha! He orders meat dishes probably 90% of the time. The beef was really tender and juicy as well as the veggies. The sauce reminded me of Filipino red sauce dishes – afritada, calderata, mechado and menudo – dishes that I’m not really a fan of. But he likes those red dishes and so he loved his pot roast. Hooray for him!

But of course, I will not leave a diner without ordering a milkshake! I ordered The Philadelphia Black and White milkshakeManila vanilla with chocolate syrup. I had a hard time choosing what milkshake I should order because Mr. Jones has a good list of milkshakes but the deciding factor is: Manila vanilla! I was acquainted with Arce Dairy’s Manila vanilla 2 years ago in my nephew’s baptismal party. It was really good – tastier and creamier than the usual vanilla ice cream I’ve tried. With this milkshake, we are reunited! Sadly, it didn’t remind me of our first meeting :( I did not savor the Manila vanilla flavor I was expecting.


But I am pretty happy with Mr. Jones. There is still a lot in their menu that I would like to try so definitely I will be back (probably for breakfast)! What I’d like to try are their French toast, bacon & eggs, tapa and eggs benny. And another of their blue plates – Wicked Truffled Mac n’ Cheese – heard good reviews about this so see you soon Mr. Jones! :)

Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 501-3111


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