Little Tokyo series: Seryna

To kick off my Little Tokyo series, I chose Seryna to try first. I was super excited with all the raves I’ve heard about Little Tokyo. So to start of, I have high expectations. On the table:

Of course, a must order – California Maki – I think this was the first time I ate a California maki without crabmeat and the servers explanation is because California roll has really no crab meat in it. Really? Not sure if the internet is an accurate source, but Japanese food enthusiast, can you confirm? Sadly, nothing in it can compromise the lack of crab meat – not even the flavors.


Salmon sashimi – MJ said its not fresh. I don’t eat raw foods so I can’t comment on its quality and freshness but looks good, ey?


Tempura – Looks good right? Nothing special though. Not the best but also not the worst. I’m sorry, but I don’t exactly remember if the proportion of the batter to the shrimp is appropriate neither the cooking. What I remember is that I did not like the taste of their tempura batter. But urgh, look at those flaky batter? Looks, indeed, can be deceiving (I am craving for one right now!).


Tori karaage – chicken was tender but a little more seasoning would make this better.


Ton katsu –  the pork meat was tender too but not my choice of ton katsu


Negima and Torikawa yakitori


When dining in a Japanese restaurant, I am always torn whether to order a fried rice or plain rice ‘gohan’. Japanese plain rice will always be the perfect pair for anything you order. But this time, we decided on ordering a fried rice – Shrimp fried rice. Of all that we ordered, this was the most flavourful I think. Just more shrimps. Hehe.


All in all, it was just ordinary Japanese food – nothing I thought it would be. I was  disappointed with my first choice but this didn’t stop me for trying the other restaurants in Little Tokyo. But you know I get it, taste and all are really subjective. Food may not be memorable but happy to say service did not disappoint. They were actually very accommodating – cause we were late for our reservation :)

Should I give it another try? We’ll see :p Besides, everyone is entitled to a second chance :)

2277 Chino Roces Ave.
Little Tokyo, Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 894-3855

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