Wee Nam Kee in Manila: Yes we can!

No, it is not the direct English translation of Wee Nam Kee ;) Mj just made it up and since then it became our inside joke haha

Wee Nam Kee is a popular Hainanese Chicken Rice place in Singapore and from all the hype I’ve heard, it must be good! Haven’t tried the one yet in Singapore but not sure if the experience will be the same for those who have tried WNK there. Good thing I knew someone who can tell the difference – Mj!

What are we waiting for, the main attraction <drumroll here> Hainanese chicken rice. To get the best of both worlds, we ordered medium size – 50% steamed and 50% roasted. Below is an excerpt on how HCR is prepared from their website.

“Wee Nam Kee chicken preparation methods require boiling the entire bird in a flavorful chicken bone broth, seasoned with garlic and ginger. The fragrant rice is made from the same rich stock and requires masterful skill in producing the right grain texture.”

Didn’t really stood out from other whie chicken dishes I’ve tried but nevertheless it was good. The rice was oily and I think the ginger taste in it was a bit intense for me. HCR is enjoyed with different dips: pounded ginger, chili sauce and soy sauace. Price wise, it was bordering affordable and expensive. And now, Mj says:

“Nothing exceptional. Not as flavourful as the one in Singapore and chicken size is smaller here.”

Sadly, not the authentic experience I expected.

We also ordered Cereal Prawns, another famous Singaporean food. I was more excited in trying this dish because of my love for crustaceans. What went wrong in this dish was the cereals – it was too sweet for me. I cannot anymore taste the prawns :(

We wanted to try another item in the menu so we ordered Barbecued Pork (Asado) – ennngk! Wrong move. This was no good. The pork was really hard and cold – not sure if that was how it’s supposed to be. Next time, I’ll just stick with HCR :)

Still happy though that they opened here in Manila – somewhere one can get their HCR fix. But definitely I am more intrigued in trying out Wee Nam Kee in Singapore!

Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave.
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 846-8924

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