L’Entrecôte: Your local French bistro


I thought the Entrecote steak with special herb butter sauce was supposed to be supah good so my tummy brought me here… But it was just ok or maybe its just me. We loved the unlimited frites though!

Oh scratch that. After researching what “entrecote” means, I would like to rephrase my feedback for Entrecote’s steak. To be fair, I decided to give the steak and the sauce a separate review.

I find the steak small in size – it would not even last for a one-topic conversation (debatable cause it depends on the topic). The cut, oh the cut, Entrecote as per Wikipedia :

denotes a premium cut of beef used for steaks. A traditional entrecôte comes from the rib area of the carcass, corresponding to the steaks known in different parts of the English-speaking world as rib, rib-eye, club, Scotch fillet, or Delmonico

The cut of the steak is so thin its like a petite cut but very lean and also thinly sliced. I would be happier if the portion and slices are thicker and bigger (oh I also like my steak with a little bit of fat but its clear I won’t get that here). I don’t have the expertise to comment on the quality of the steak but from what I read, they say it’s good. I asked it to be medium-well but some parts were well-done but it was manageable. The sauce is all over it so I could not discern if the steak itself is flavourful.


So now let’s head on to their 20-ingredient sauce which is L’Entrecote special herb butter sauce. I’m not crazy over it unlike other people. It was too butter-y for me… the buttery kind of taste that I did not like.

So there you go for their steaks and frites – it was unfortunatley not the star of my night but we still love the unlimited frites! :)


We also ordered the Geneva fondue cheese bites and it was oh so cheesy and oily. Hmmm I guess I did not like this dish because of the earthy aroma and flavour of the cheese but I like the concept – deep fried cheese bites (lessen on the oiliness please). Not a cheese lover here so I am usually drawn to like the popular cheese styles – mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, monterey jack, emmental, feta, cottage, ricotta, mascarpone, cream cheese etc.


Look at those ooooozing with cheese!


Of all the dishes we tried, I like the desserts the most. The Dalandan sorbet is a palate refresher after downing all those herb butter sauce. For a sweet tooth, try their Profiterole with chocolate syrup.

299602_209261389137922_2096273837_n 308303_209261502471244_105014480_n

L’Entrecote is the Philippine rendition of the L’Entrecote in Paris. The dining concept is to serve the steak in a French bistro sytle: steak and frites.


Unit A Forbes Town Center, Bellagio 2,
Forbestown RdFort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 856-4858

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