Little Tokyo: what and where


Little Tokyo is like an open-air food court in Makati – ah, you can say similar to a hawker centre. I am always fond of this type of food centres because everything is laid out for you – a feast for the senses one may say. From one stall to another is always a delight – you will never know what is on the next stop. Instead of food stalls, it has several Japanese restaurants in it. So just imagine my excitement and curiosity when I entered the place. Like hawker centres, you can cross order, from one restaurant to another and the server/s from where you are eating will order and deliver it to you. If you’re not a fan of al fresco dining, don’t worry because the restaurants has an indoor seating.


Little Tokyo houses some of the best Yakiniku and Izakaya establishments in the metro. Oh you can also get one of the best takoyaki here which I reviewed too :) Almost all of the establishments here are recommended by Japanese food enthusiasts. Well I have my favourites but I guess you can’t go wrong with whatever resto you pick here. Everything Japanese is in one place and within your reach, how amazing is that.


How authentic can the place get? Pay a visit and you’ll know :) Don’t miss the Choto shop!

2277 Amorsolo St
Pio Del Pilar, Makati

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